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 K. 接続詞

従属接続詞 副詞節を導くもの



  when 〜「〜するとき」
  He went to Okinawa when he was a child.
  When I arrived the airport, he had benn waiting for two hours.
  When he comes home, I will show him the pictures.  [未来のことも現在形]
  as 〜「〜するとき」
  The game was broadcasted just as I got home.
  As he ate the dinner, the mail was delivered.

  when と as の違い。
  when よりも as のほうが、2つの動作が同時に起こっていることを表す。

  as 〜「〜につれて」
  As he grew older, he became more stubborn.
  while 〜「〜する間、〜しながら」
  While I was out, she visited me.
  While he was reading a newspaper, he ate ice cream.
  as soon as 〜「〜するとすぐに」
  As soon as I got home, I took a bath.
  before 〜「〜する前に」
  Before I get home, I will buy some groceries.
  He arrived the station before she arrived.
  after 〜「〜した後に、〜してから」
  After I watched the TV, I read the commic.
  She left the venue after he left.
  once 〜「いったん〜すると」
  Once you push the switch, you can not conroll the machine.
  Once you eat Japanese foods, you will want to eat next time.
  since 〜「〜して以来」
  Since he lived in Japan, he has been working at the company.
  until 〜「〜するまで 」(継続を表す)
  We must wait for three hours at the departure lobby until the airplane arrives.
  till 〜「〜するまで 」(継続を表す)
  We can buy a souvenir till the train comes.

  till と until の違い。

  by the time 〜「〜までに」
  You have to finish the work by the time they arrive.
  By the time the meeting is over, he will come.
  whenever 〜「〜する時はいつでも、いつ〜しても」
  Whenever I see a video on YouTube, I have to see advertisement.
  every time 〜「〜するたびに」
  Every time we log in to a server, we have to enter a password.
  each time 〜「〜するたびに」
  Each time I eat food, I brush my teeth.
  the first time 〜「最初〜したときは」
  The first time I ate Japanese foods, I impressed by their tastes.


  if 〜「もし〜ならば」
  If it rains tomorrow, I will stay home all day.


  unless 〜「もし〜でなければ、〜しない限り」
  He will be sick unless he stops eating chocolate.
  supposing 〜「仮に〜ならば、〜だとしたら」
  Supposing you win the lottery, what will you spend the money on ?
  providing 〜「もし〜とすれば、〜という条件で」
  He may go out providing he has finished the homework.


  because 〜「なぜなら〜、〜なので、〜の理由で」
  He could not play a match of tennis because he was injured on both arms.
  since 〜「〜なので、〜の理由で」
  Since he didn't have money, he was always hungry.

  because、as、since の違い。
  as や sinceは、相手がすでに知っているでだろう内容を説明する。

  now that 〜「今や〜だから、〜である以上は」
  Now that he has enough money, he can buy anything he wants.
  seeing that 〜「〜なので、〜だから」
  Seeing that it is nine o'clock, you have to go to bed.


  so that 〜「〜するために、〜となるように」
  She studies hard so that she can pass the exam.
  in order that 〜「〜するために、〜する目的で」
  He ran fast in order that he could catch the bus.
  in case 〜「〜の場合、〜するといけないので」
  In case you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.
  You had better take your umbrella, in case it rains.


  ...so 形容詞/副詞 that 〜「...なので〜だ、〜する」
  He is so clever that he can solve a problem.
  ..., so that 〜「...なので〜だ、〜する」
  It was so hot, so that we postponed the festival.


  than 〜「〜より」
  He is taller than I am.
  She likes car more than he does.


  as 〜「〜のように、〜のままに」
  As you know, she is studying English now.
  As I said before, I can not drink wine.
  like 〜「〜のように、〜のするように」
  You should study hard like your brother did.
  I can not drink beer like you do.
  as if 〜「まるで〜であるかのように」
  He talked as if he knew everything.


  though 〜 「〜だけれども」
  I studied English all night though I was very tired.
  Though it rained, he climbed the mountain.
  although 〜 「〜だけれども」
  Although I was very busy, I went out to eat with my family.
  while 〜 「〜する一方」 主節の後に置く
  He is always free, while she is always busy.
  even if 〜「たとえ〜であっても」
  Even if it rains, the festival will be held.
  even though 〜「たとえ〜であっても」
  Even though you don't like to eat vegitable, you have to eat vegitable.


  as long as 〜「〜する限り、〜である限り」
  You can stay here as long as you want.
  I will keep trying as long as there is a possibility.
  As long as we live, we have to eat something.
  as far as 〜「〜する限り、〜である限り」
  There is not a cloud in the blue sky as far as I can see.
  As far as I know, he does not drink alcohol.
  As far as I am concerned, Doughnuts is the best in that cafe.

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